CNU homecoming


Homecoming is always exciting but busy! It seems like the week everyone decides to hold campus events on top of homecoming events. This year, one of my sorority sisters had an amazing opportunity to run for homecoming queen. I was so excited for the weekend, as it was also halloweekend. Many of the alumnus were coming back, and I get to dress up. Saturday, October 29th. On top of the tailgate, we had a homecoming golf cart parade. It was all fun and great until the end. I standing at the bottom of a hill when the golf cart started rolling. The driver tried to stop it but of course it didn’t stop on time. It hit me and after I fell, it continued to roll over my legs. Honesty didn’t hurt until that night. The first thing I thought about was, omg why, MY BUTT IS OUT. As I was wearing a dress… honestly the pain wasn’t as bad as it sounds, I just couldn’t teach Zumba for a week. What’s even funnier was that it was a sister who was driving it.  I find what happened way more funny than painful.

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