Even though Halloween was on Monday, I had to celebrate it all weekend, and mine starts on Thursday. From the three little bears to witches to day of the dead skulls, I had a pretty good time. Only downside, I was limping from house to house from being ran over by a golf cart.(read about this in my homecoming post) My boyfriend had a good time up until Saturday night…

He made friends with some of his friend’s neighbors and one of their buddies was super chill. He was this HUGE guy that looked intimidating but he was sweet as honey. The guys got to taking about weight lifting and fighting and came up with the smart idea to start wrestling. This guy picked Joj, my boyfriend up and flipped him! Jojo isn’t a small dude either. He ended up landing on his shoulder and had an SC separation.  He could barely move all week.

Tell me your crazy Halloweekend stories and send me pictures of your crazy costumes! 

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