It is the second day of Mr. Trump as the elected president. I feel like all hell broke loose. I’m not going to call anyone whiny or racist. I just want to say how disappointed and sad I am about this turnout. I am not upset about the government system or the electoral college. I upset about the anger that people have shown on both sides of the spectrum. Disrespectful graffiti on monuments, burning flags, beating people up. Why are people okay with this? What difference will those acts make? All it does if attract more attention and create more tension and anger.

From a philosophical stand point, I honestly feel like beautiful speech no longer exist. People no longer give long classy speeches that used beautiful language. The main reason is for popularity. I am not calling people stupid but it is a fact that not everyone eligible to vote will appreciate that style of language. For example, if you write a formal paper for a professor or a Facebook post, the language used if drastically different. One is to impress a knowledgeable professor with a doctorate and one is to hook in anyone who can read a sentence and have an opinion. It’s the same way with speeches. So the style and language used my both candidates have started implementing that technique to pull in people who may have English as their second language, or citizens do came to America without proper education, even just people who don’t want to put effort into deciphering a complicated speech. No one has that time or attention span. With that being said, we can freak out about the fact that everything that was said during a speech or debate will happen. Every law or policy still goes through a vote. Honestly, Trump hasn’t even been given a chance to show us what he can do. Also, if the election went the other way, people’s reaction would’ve been the same. Just a different party.

With that being said, I beg everyone to stop posting long rants on social media about how angry or upset they are with the turnout. Stop attacking others for their beliefs and opinions, stop protesting in a disrespectful manner. Maybe start a petition. Pay attention to local representatives because they are the ones who affect your life directly. Stop pushing us further away from peace. Love y’all!

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