Zumba, My Dream?

When I started college fall of 2015, one of my biggest concerns was the “freshman 15”. Being terrified of gaining so much weight, I went out of my way to create a healthy lifestyle. I started out by lifting weights only to find that I was effectively gain muscle madd but ineffectively losing fat. I wanted to become lean but the best way is cardio. Unfortunately, I hate running. I do what I can to avoid it but I knew that I always loved to dance. I was never really able to express that as a child because in old school Vietnamese parenting, it was considered “unladylike” to jump around a shake my stuff.  I still always played dance games or made my own dance moves in my house. That being said, I decided to try our Zumba. I immediately fell in love. The hour flew by and I didn’t notice how sweaty I was until the end of the class. I have having a great time while losing lots of calories! After just a few classes, I knew that i wanted to become an instructor. This unique job was a way for me to earn money while being healthy and having fun. Perfect for a college student will little time. I became a certified Zumba instructor by spring of 2016 and taught my first class in the gym of CNU. I’ve always been a social butterfly and got my energy from the people around me so the more people I had in my class and the more smiles I saw, the more I fell in love with my job. I have also always love helping people and my goal to to help other reach their health goal. Now, I dream of attending a Zumba cruise and becoming a ZES(Zumba Education Specialist). I want to travel the world and bring this wonderful opportunity to people. There are so many things I want to accomplish but I’m not sure if I will only be able to pick one, hence the question mark. This goal is in addition to starting my own fast-food chain, creating a large blog that will help others and help me financially, and becoming a blue diamond Nu Skin distributor.

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