My 1st Completion of the Zumba 21 day challenge was CHALLENGING

So earlier in March, I started my very first 21-day challenge by Zumba. The shake itself is amazing. I have yet to get sick of it. Being a college student on a meal plan, I haven’t really ventured off into other fun recipes because of a small grocery budget. Also having already paid over $1,000 for a meal plan, I felt wasteful if I didn’t use up at least half of my swipes. So having a pre-planned buffet menu with a limited healthy section and even more limited vegetable selection, this challenge really did become challenging. Honestly, for just replacing one meal, not completely eating healthy, and have a cheat weekends every weekend, I am impressed that I still lost weight! Granted it’s not a huge amount or anything, immediately losing 5 lbs and maintaining that weight through stressing, lack of sleep and exercise, an unhealthy diet and not giving up alcohol is extremely impressive! I am still on the shake but once my summer starts, I won’t have a meal plan or parties or 6 classes or an unlimited buffet everyday to hold me back. I am excited to see how much more unhealthy weight I lose and more toned I can become!

portion containers.PNG

Also, right now if you purchase a 30-day bag or 24-day box, Zumba will send you a FREE complete weight-loss kit that includes portion containers, a recipe guide, a diet guide, and more! Remember to use the code: TamLy17 to be able to choose from all available options at the discounted price (already applied on site) 


When I started my first 21-day challenge, I created a free sweepstakes. It was my first one ever so I want to thank everyone who participated. I am extremely happy to announce that the first place winner is Lizzie Walker, a student from CNU, who will receive a Zumba Shake bottle and one of each flavor shake to try! Second place and third place winner is Keara Riley and Beth Hodges, also students from CNU, who will receive one of each flavor to try!

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