Going Somewhere

Its finals week and I am definitely procrastinating when I can. Because I always stress during this time of the semester, I decided to write a this little post to remind myself that I am going somewhere. Often the thought of college being a mistake and the fear of not going anywhere creeps up during finals but I know I am now.

I am happy to announce that I have recently been hired as an paid intern with Goodrich and Watson Insurance Company. I will be the assistant marketing director starting next week. I am extremely excited as my new boss seems so nice and welcoming. He is willing to work with me as a student and is very flexible. This is also my first ever internship! Something I like about this is that, if I do really well, I get to keep this job into the fall semester and spring semester and so on until I graduate. I am an econ major who is interested in marketing so this is an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience outside of the classroom. Another huge bonus is that I get a little office to myself. I consider myself lucky (:

I have also recently been hired as a fitness supervisor and will also start next week. I will be the one paying for my tuition the next two years of college so this job will help me do just that. My boss for this was also my boss for the Zumba Instructor position. She is so sweet and laid back! She is also very understanding and flexible with me.

This summer will be filled with summer class, internship, job, and league of legends. This is also my first summer not spent at home! Wish me luck y’all!

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