My Little, Not So Secret, Secret

Something that will surprise people is that I have many very different sides of me. I am a college student who is in a sorority and enjoys going out and socializing. Not surprising. However, I also enjoy League of Legends very much. I have played for several years now. I am a silver II support main and my gal is Leona (however I’ve really been feeling lulu  lately).

This crazy thing happened earlier this month. I wanted to start streaming so I found myself a second monitor for my custom build desktop. When I tried to hook it up, it wouldn’t work. I asked my friend to look at it and he told me, I HAD AN AWESOME GRAPHICS CARD just sitting in there! My mother board wasn’t recognizing it so I’ve been using the standard graphics card! No wonder I was playing on 30-60 fps this entire time. I’m not sure why I never questioned it (I didn’t build it myself). My friend told me three years ago (when I first got this computer) this was easily an expensive, top of the line, graphics card. And its just been sitting there…

So, if I want to stream this summer, I will need to get myself a new motherboard which I most likely will. Keep an eye out for my twitch channel! tamly17

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