Summer Update

This has been my most productive summer yet. I have started two new jobs since April!

Job 1: One of my sorority sister (yay connections!) referred to the Insurance company she has been interning at. I now work for Goodrich & Watson Insurers, Inc. I am their Assistant Marketing Director and I couldn’t be happier about my job. Everyone is so sweet and welcoming. Ever since I have started, I’ve seen major growth with my own eyes! (meaning no numbers and charts) This job is fun and challenging and has opened more doors for me. I recently have been invited to join a local professional networking group made of CNU students and alums who are currently in the professional work field.

Job 2: Remember my job as a Zumba instructor? Well the classes don’t go through summer so my boss hired me as a Fitness supervisor for the summer. The other job is limited to 20 hours a week so this was an awesome opportunity to earn more money for tuition (something I have been struggling with). The staff is extremely friendly and wonderful to be around.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for better(real) jobs but having two is taking a small toll. I miss my friends back in Richmond and regret not being able to spend more time at home. Even with the few friends who have stayed behind in Newport News, I haven’t had a lot of time to actually have fun since I don’t get off until 7 PM and by that time, I’m exhausted.

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