Does the feeling of enjoyment from having clean teeth ever excite you when you are about to enter a dentist office? Or does that completely freak you out? I personally am not the fan of how it feels during a dental visit but I love the feeling after I am finished.

Even with my amazing dentistry offering me a comfort menu and a message chair during my visit, I can’t get past the feeling of when they scrape my teeth until it bleeds.

Recently I switched to Quip. I did it mainly because of how cute it was but also because it is what dentists recommends: Soft bristles and electric vibration. I also never remember to replace my brush every 3 months. Quip helps with that while looking cute and not breaking you bank.

I didn’t expect a huge difference but only after a few weeks of using it, prior to my dental visit, I am amazed. During my visit, I got so many compliments from how great my teeth look and how well I have kept up with it, even though its been almost a year since my last visit. (Its normally every six months)

Now recommend it to everyone, especially those with a busy schedule and tight budget. quip+PRODUCTS+toothbrush

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