My Little, Not So Secret, Secret

Something that will surprise people is that I have many very different sides of me. I am a college student who is in a sorority and enjoys going out and socializing. Not surprising. However, I also enjoy League of Legends very much. I have played for several years now. I am a silver II support main and my gal is Leona (however I’ve really been feeling lulu  lately).

This crazy thing happened earlier this month. I wanted to start streaming so I found myself a second monitor for my custom build desktop. When I tried to hook it up, it wouldn’t work. I asked my friend to look at it and he told me, I HAD AN AWESOME GRAPHICS CARD just sitting in there! My mother board wasn’t recognizing it so I’ve been using the standard graphics card! No wonder I was playing on 30-60 fps this entire time. I’m not sure why I never questioned it (I didn’t build it myself). My friend told me three years ago (when I first got this computer) this was easily an expensive, top of the line, graphics card. And its just been sitting there…

So, if I want to stream this summer, I will need to get myself a new motherboard which I most likely will. Keep an eye out for my twitch channel! tamly17

Going Somewhere

Its finals week and I am definitely procrastinating when I can. Because I always stress during this time of the semester, I decided to write a this little post to remind myself that I am going somewhere. Often the thought of college being a mistake and the fear of not going anywhere creeps up during finals but I know I am now.

I am happy to announce that I have recently been hired as an paid intern with Goodrich and Watson Insurance Company. I will be the assistant marketing director starting next week. I am extremely excited as my new boss seems so nice and welcoming. He is willing to work with me as a student and is very flexible. This is also my first ever internship! Something I like about this is that, if I do really well, I get to keep this job into the fall semester and spring semester and so on until I graduate. I am an econ major who is interested in marketing so this is an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience outside of the classroom. Another huge bonus is that I get a little office to myself. I consider myself lucky (:

I have also recently been hired as a fitness supervisor and will also start next week. I will be the one paying for my tuition the next two years of college so this job will help me do just that. My boss for this was also my boss for the Zumba Instructor position. She is so sweet and laid back! She is also very understanding and flexible with me.

This summer will be filled with summer class, internship, job, and league of legends. This is also my first summer not spent at home! Wish me luck y’all!

My 1st Completion of the Zumba 21 day challenge was CHALLENGING

So earlier in March, I started my very first 21-day challenge by Zumba. The shake itself is amazing. I have yet to get sick of it. Being a college student on a meal plan, I haven’t really ventured off into other fun recipes because of a small grocery budget. Also having already paid over $1,000 for a meal plan, I felt wasteful if I didn’t use up at least half of my swipes. So having a pre-planned buffet menu with a limited healthy section and even more limited vegetable selection, this challenge really did become challenging. Honestly, for just replacing one meal, not completely eating healthy, and have a cheat weekends every weekend, I am impressed that I still lost weight! Granted it’s not a huge amount or anything, immediately losing 5 lbs and maintaining that weight through stressing, lack of sleep and exercise, an unhealthy diet and not giving up alcohol is extremely impressive! I am still on the shake but once my summer starts, I won’t have a meal plan or parties or 6 classes or an unlimited buffet everyday to hold me back. I am excited to see how much more unhealthy weight I lose and more toned I can become!

portion containers.PNG

Also, right now if you purchase a 30-day bag or 24-day box, Zumba will send you a FREE complete weight-loss kit that includes portion containers, a recipe guide, a diet guide, and more! Remember to use the code: TamLy17 to be able to choose from all available options at the discounted price (already applied on site) 


When I started my first 21-day challenge, I created a free sweepstakes. It was my first one ever so I want to thank everyone who participated. I am extremely happy to announce that the first place winner is Lizzie Walker, a student from CNU, who will receive a Zumba Shake bottle and one of each flavor shake to try! Second place and third place winner is Keara Riley and Beth Hodges, also students from CNU, who will receive one of each flavor to try!

Day 10 of my 21-Day Shake Shake Shake Challenge.

For those who didn’t know, I recently started a 21-day challenge by Zumba. They came out with some amazing shakes that I decided to try. I chose Cocoa Loco and La Vida Mocha as my first two flavors. It is day 10 and I am surprisingly not sick of the shakes. If anything, I look forward to them! My go-to recipe is very fast and fairly simple. With both shakes, I blend together vanilla almond milk, a banana, two teaspoon of chia seeds, one tea spoon of ground flax seed, one tea spoon of matcha powder, and ice. It tastes good for both flavors. The La Vida Mocha flavor has a hint if coffee taste but I taste more chocolate. It still tastes amazing though.  I never wake up on time for breakfast, so I wake up and make a shake around noon. This holds me over until at least 5:00 pm. I am snacking less, and when I do, I mainly crave fruit. I have lost 2.5 pounds already! I am so excited to see how far I get after 21 days!

If you want to try these shakes, I have a FREE SWEEPSTAKE going on throughout my 21-day journey! 1st place winner gets a shaker bottle and a sample of each flavor. 2nd and 3rd place winners get a free sample of each flavor to try. Please check out my last blog post for details on how to enter and win.

If you want to try the 21-day challenge without the free sweepstake, please visit and use the Code TamLy17 to order!


Day 2! I’m so excited to try this! I am starting with the cocoa loco and la vida mocha flavor. If you are interested in trying, enter my FREE SWEEPSTAKE! First place winner gets a sample of each flavor and a Zumba shake bottle! Second and third place winners gets a sample of each flavor! Here are some ways to earn points: like this FB post, share this FB post, share my previous FB post about the challenge, like my actual blog post, and tag three friends in the comments of this FB post. There will be more point opportunities as the challenge goes on. Winners will be announced the week of April 2nd so keep an eye out! (I will only ship to continental US) 
If you want to participate in the 21 day challenge with me, visit to order and use the code TamLy17 for over 20% off!

21 Day Challenge

Starting Monday, March 13th, I will begin my Zumba Shake 21 day challenge. I have tried other shakes but they get so bland after a few weeks. Zumba doesn’t sacrifice fun for fitness so they won’t sacrifice taste and ingredients for results. The Zumba 21 day challenge keeps it simple with three simple steps.

  1. Shake it in a Zumba class:Do 30-60 minutes of Zumba at least three times a week.
  2. Shake up your diet: Replace one meal a day with a either a thrilla in vanilla, cocoa loco, or la vida mocha flavored Zumba shake.
  3. Shake off a bad habit: whether that’s having desert, snacking, skipping breakfast, or not sleeping enough

My bad habit is snacking on junk food so for this challenge, I will try to snack on fruits instead. I will replace my brunch with a shake, and in addition to my Monday Zumba class, I will also participate in other classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

The 21 day challenge also includes meal and fitness plans, recipes, and workout videos to “shake your way to success!”

Check out my earlier post, “Shake Shake Shake” for more information about the shake!

If anyone would like to join me in this challenge, use the code TamLy17 for up to a $30 discount!


New Year, New Me

happy-new-year-2017So its almost that time where 2016 will come to an end and 2017 will start. I am very excited to see what kind of a roller coaster this year will bring me. I have so many questions like,

  • What new “realistic” Disney movies will come out?
  • How will President Trump do?
  • Will people become more accepting?
  • Where will my relationship take me?
  • Will I find an internship or end up studying abroad?
  • Will I get into business school?
  • How far will this blog take me?
  • How far will Nu Skin and Zumba take me?
  • Who will my little be?
  • Who will leave or enter my life?

and many many more…

new-years-resolution-listWhen January comes around, everyone will have a list of goals and resolutions but I wonder how long will I keep up with mine. My list below contains some personal goals but also some universal goals that I recommend everyone add to their list for 2017. The universal goals will be in bold and have a short description:

  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
    • Adding this to your personal calendar and making this a habit will help you create a better and healthier life style. I recommend taking fitness classes to maximize burned calories in one hour. Of course, I understand that you all have busy lives so if the gym is not an option, make the stairs instead of the elevators, lung when no one is watching, use that old bike or walk when you can, and create short 10-20 minute workout for when you wake up and before you go to bed at night.


  • Drink no more than one soft drink a week
    • Soft drinks are packed with sugar and the diet ones are even worst for you. The only reason that I would drink soda is if I need to hide the taste of something
      stronger. Juice also contains high sodium, sugar, and preservatives. Trying the best to cut these out your life will improve your health more then you would think!4425833-soft-drinks-hd-wallpapers
  • Drink more water and tea
    • I really shouldn’t have to explain the reasons we need to stay hydrated. I recommend drinking tea in the day as (green tea) have many hidden benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants which can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. These free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of diseases. It can improves brain functions and make you smarter, burns fat by increasing your metabolism, lowers the risk of some cancer, and decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. There are many many more benefits out there with proven results. hmxf
  • Eat fast food no more than once a week
    • Do I even have to explain why? If you eat fast food regularly, try winding away from it rather than cutting it out completely. It will make the change much easier.


  • Meditate at least once a week
    • Many people underestimate the power of meditation. It is easier than you think. You are not required to find a special place to sit with your legs crossed and close your eyes for hours as most people assume. There are many different forms of meditation. To reduce stress and anxiety, I recommend every one take a few minutes out of every few hours to just close your eyes and not think about anything or do anything but the listen and focus on the sound of your every breath. Breath deep and try to feel your heart beat. Even just 5 minutes can be very effective. Do this before you start or day and before you go to sleep. benefits-of-meditation-2
  • Keep up with my facial care
    • Everyday, we age. Our skin ages. It ages because to everything it endures 24/7. Lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, stress, anxiety, environmental pollution, lack of exercise all effects your health and how your skin age. Using an effective skin care routine daily will help your skin greatly. 1572e714fd3-cache
  • Create a capsule wardrobe or at least downsize it
    • Many of use have more than 50 articles of clothing, even more than 100. Sometimes, we even forget what we have, or wear something only once before putting it in some corner and completely forgetting about it. I recommend everyone to downsize and keep what you know you will wear a least once a week to reduce clutter. style-capsule-wardrobe-today-tease-test-150727-01_1bc7061d9083956dce33a7346cefefd3-today-inline-large
  • Say I LOVE YOU more!
    • It seems like we often forget that people are not forever. People leave as often as babies come. I challenge everyone to say I Love You more. Say it to your parents, your relatives, your best friends, your spouse. i-heart-you-hanging-happy-valentines-day-2015-wallpaper
  • Bring my GPA to at least a 3.0 and maintain it
  • Get into the business school or figure out my major
  • Be more organized
  • Create a new blog post at the very very least of once every two weeks
  • Find 5 new nu skin customers
  • Create a new Zumba routine every month
  • Buy a new bike