Does the feeling of enjoyment from having clean teeth ever excite you when you are about to enter a dentist office? Or does that completely freak you out? I personally am not the fan of how it feels during a dental visit but I love the feeling after I am finished.

Even with my amazing dentistry offering me a comfort menu and a message chair during my visit, I can’t get past the feeling of when they scrape my teeth until it bleeds.

Recently I switched to Quip. I did it mainly because of how cute it was but also because it is what dentists recommends: Soft bristles and electric vibration. I also never remember to replace my brush every 3 months. Quip helps with that while looking cute and not breaking you bank.

I didn’t expect a huge difference but only after a few weeks of using it, prior to my dental visit, I am amazed. During my visit, I got so many compliments from how great my teeth look and how well I have kept up with it, even though its been almost a year since my last visit. (Its normally every six months)

Now recommend it to everyone, especially those with a busy schedule and tight budget. quip+PRODUCTS+toothbrush

Adulting with Acorn.

Lately, I’ve had a lot of spare time on my phone or laptop before, after, and in between jobs. I tend to sit on Pinterest and plan my future, whether that be my wedding, lifestyle, house, or retirement. Life tips and tricks are always fun to read about. I’ve have been struggling to pay for tuition lately and stress out about future financial problems consistently. Because of that, I tend to read about things like insurance, saving money, paying off debt, and investing in stocks. Of all those topics, that last one seem the most intimidating. Turns out, many millennial, like myself, feel that same intimidation. Multiple articles recommends starting young.

With more research, I came across an app called Acorn. They introduce something called Micro Investing. So “every purchase you make becomes an investment in you future. ” Basically, you create a portfolio about what kind of an investor you want to be (ranging from conservative to aggressive in terms of risk) and for how long you want to invest your money for. Then you connect your bank account and credit cards. After that, every purchase you make, Acorn will round that up to the nearest dollar to invest. For example, if you spend $10.25, acorn will invest $0.75.

Just by rounding up, I have accumulated around $20 in “spare change” in less than two weeks! My experience has been very positive as the app is very user friendly. The only con I have found is that if your bank account is a small, local credit union, Acorn might not be able to link to it. I was planning on closing my account and opening one with Discover anyways, so I didn’t mind this too much.step-1.pngstep-3.png


P.S. This is all completely new to me so if anyone has tips, ideas, or recommends other apps or sites, please let me know!

Summer Update

This has been my most productive summer yet. I have started two new jobs since April!

Job 1: One of my sorority sister (yay connections!) referred to the Insurance company she has been interning at. I now work for Goodrich & Watson Insurers, Inc. I am their Assistant Marketing Director and I couldn’t be happier about my job. Everyone is so sweet and welcoming. Ever since I have started, I’ve seen major growth with my own eyes! (meaning no numbers and charts) This job is fun and challenging and has opened more doors for me. I recently have been invited to join a local professional networking group made of CNU students and alums who are currently in the professional work field.

Job 2: Remember my job as a Zumba instructor? Well the classes don’t go through summer so my boss hired me as a Fitness supervisor for the summer. The other job is limited to 20 hours a week so this was an awesome opportunity to earn more money for tuition (something I have been struggling with). The staff is extremely friendly and wonderful to be around.

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for better(real) jobs but having two is taking a small toll. I miss my friends back in Richmond and regret not being able to spend more time at home. Even with the few friends who have stayed behind in Newport News, I haven’t had a lot of time to actually have fun since I don’t get off until 7 PM and by that time, I’m exhausted.

My Little, Not So Secret, Secret

Something that will surprise people is that I have many very different sides of me. I am a college student who is in a sorority and enjoys going out and socializing. Not surprising. However, I also enjoy League of Legends very much. I have played for several years now. I am a silver II support main and my gal is Leona (however I’ve really been feeling lulu  lately).

This crazy thing happened earlier this month. I wanted to start streaming so I found myself a second monitor for my custom build desktop. When I tried to hook it up, it wouldn’t work. I asked my friend to look at it and he told me, I HAD AN AWESOME GRAPHICS CARD just sitting in there! My mother board wasn’t recognizing it so I’ve been using the standard graphics card! No wonder I was playing on 30-60 fps this entire time. I’m not sure why I never questioned it (I didn’t build it myself). My friend told me three years ago (when I first got this computer) this was easily an expensive, top of the line, graphics card. And its just been sitting there…

So, if I want to stream this summer, I will need to get myself a new motherboard which I most likely will. Keep an eye out for my twitch channel! tamly17

Going Somewhere

Its finals week and I am definitely procrastinating when I can. Because I always stress during this time of the semester, I decided to write a this little post to remind myself that I am going somewhere. Often the thought of college being a mistake and the fear of not going anywhere creeps up during finals but I know I am now.

I am happy to announce that I have recently been hired as an paid intern with Goodrich and Watson Insurance Company. I will be the assistant marketing director starting next week. I am extremely excited as my new boss seems so nice and welcoming. He is willing to work with me as a student and is very flexible. This is also my first ever internship! Something I like about this is that, if I do really well, I get to keep this job into the fall semester and spring semester and so on until I graduate. I am an econ major who is interested in marketing so this is an amazing opportunity for me to gain experience outside of the classroom. Another huge bonus is that I get a little office to myself. I consider myself lucky (:

I have also recently been hired as a fitness supervisor and will also start next week. I will be the one paying for my tuition the next two years of college so this job will help me do just that. My boss for this was also my boss for the Zumba Instructor position. She is so sweet and laid back! She is also very understanding and flexible with me.

This summer will be filled with summer class, internship, job, and league of legends. This is also my first summer not spent at home! Wish me luck y’all!

My 1st Completion of the Zumba 21 day challenge was CHALLENGING

So earlier in March, I started my very first 21-day challenge by Zumba. The shake itself is amazing. I have yet to get sick of it. Being a college student on a meal plan, I haven’t really ventured off into other fun recipes because of a small grocery budget. Also having already paid over $1,000 for a meal plan, I felt wasteful if I didn’t use up at least half of my swipes. So having a pre-planned buffet menu with a limited healthy section and even more limited vegetable selection, this challenge really did become challenging. Honestly, for just replacing one meal, not completely eating healthy, and have a cheat weekends every weekend, I am impressed that I still lost weight! Granted it’s not a huge amount or anything, immediately losing 5 lbs and maintaining that weight through stressing, lack of sleep and exercise, an unhealthy diet and not giving up alcohol is extremely impressive! I am still on the shake but once my summer starts, I won’t have a meal plan or parties or 6 classes or an unlimited buffet everyday to hold me back. I am excited to see how much more unhealthy weight I lose and more toned I can become!

portion containers.PNG

Also, right now if you purchase a 30-day bag or 24-day box, Zumba will send you a FREE complete weight-loss kit that includes portion containers, a recipe guide, a diet guide, and more! Remember to use the code: TamLy17 to be able to choose from all available options at the discounted price (already applied on site) 


When I started my first 21-day challenge, I created a free sweepstakes. It was my first one ever so I want to thank everyone who participated. I am extremely happy to announce that the first place winner is Lizzie Walker, a student from CNU, who will receive a Zumba Shake bottle and one of each flavor shake to try! Second place and third place winner is Keara Riley and Beth Hodges, also students from CNU, who will receive one of each flavor to try!

Day 10 of my 21-Day Shake Shake Shake Challenge.

For those who didn’t know, I recently started a 21-day challenge by Zumba. They came out with some amazing shakes that I decided to try. I chose Cocoa Loco and La Vida Mocha as my first two flavors. It is day 10 and I am surprisingly not sick of the shakes. If anything, I look forward to them! My go-to recipe is very fast and fairly simple. With both shakes, I blend together vanilla almond milk, a banana, two teaspoon of chia seeds, one tea spoon of ground flax seed, one tea spoon of matcha powder, and ice. It tastes good for both flavors. The La Vida Mocha flavor has a hint if coffee taste but I taste more chocolate. It still tastes amazing though.  I never wake up on time for breakfast, so I wake up and make a shake around noon. This holds me over until at least 5:00 pm. I am snacking less, and when I do, I mainly crave fruit. I have lost 2.5 pounds already! I am so excited to see how far I get after 21 days!

If you want to try these shakes, I have a FREE SWEEPSTAKE going on throughout my 21-day journey! 1st place winner gets a shaker bottle and a sample of each flavor. 2nd and 3rd place winners get a free sample of each flavor to try. Please check out my last blog post for details on how to enter and win.

If you want to try the 21-day challenge without the free sweepstake, please visit and use the Code TamLy17 to order!